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The projects by François Hannes are appealing and luxurious. They are contemporary and warm.

Earthy colours and lush fabrics create the perfect setting. In perfect balance and alignment. In villas, penthouses and star awarded restaurants, François Hannes will create your desired ambience. A visual treat. Dream come true accommodation.

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François Hannes

His creativity and sense of quality make him a true concept in the world of interiors.

A personal and well considered approach creates results to match all of his customer dreams.

François Hannes’ architectural insight, developed over the decennia, consistently supports the basis of every project. His focus lies on achieving character and soul in interiors. Thorough research, playing with shapes and light, clear delineation and balance plus rich materials and colour provide his creations with appeal and luxury.

He draws his inspiration from life itself. He does not just choose the middle of the road, but goes for the extreme. This is reflected in his designs. Dynamics of a global city or serenity of the countryside and little things found in nature. Enjoying good food and beverages. Business travel and family holidays, these are all important stimuli from which he derives his energy and ideas.

Passionate and driven, this is how he works together with his team on international projects. Mostly higher segment villas, lofts, and penthouses. Star awarded restaurants such as De Treeswijkhoeve, Kaatje bij de Sluis and Wiesen are also connected to him and appreciate him for his style and consultation.

The studio

Sennah Studio

For François Hannes, open communication and a personalized approach are the foundations for success of the project of your dreams.

Once there is a reciprocal positive feeling about working together, François Hannes will produce a clear and comprehensive quote for the honorarium applicable to the total project.

This covers three stages: the design,  materialisation and aesthetic management phases. Once you accept this financial aspect as customer, François Hannes commences the creative design process for your high end interior.

Sennah studio is an inspirational space. A starting point for ideas. A creative space where top brands in the residential industry are employed. High class furniture, fabrics and lighting and top quality bathrooms and kitchens.



A totally new look in living and architecture.

A different approach in your interests as inhabitant. Together with a renowned architect, François Hannes offers a leading approach.

Although it is common practice to start with residential exteriors, François Hannes reverses this trend. In his approach, the interior is mapped out first, followed by the architect’s work on the exterior. This produces a home with the perfect floorplan and routing. Completely customised to your own living situation. It takes into account sightlines, light factors and floorplan segmentation.

Ultimately the external shell grows around this individually specified interior. This causes the interior and exterior to fuse together into a perfect complete picture. A beautiful total where space offers many moments of happiness.  Sun where you read your morning paper or a patio that manages to capture the last of the sun’s rays in the evening. An ideal integration of exterior and interior.

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